candy skulls & skull candles

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So a new range of products arrived the other day to our great excitement. We were tearing open wooden crates into the early evening in our rush to get them onto the shop floor.

A variety of weird and wonderful candles just in time for Christmas... something for every taste!

My personal favorites though are the candy skulls. These are so amazingly anatomically correct it's almost scary. Soooooo cool!

The tao of dhurries

Thursday, November 15, 2012

We love dhurries and for those of you who haven't read our little custom-made dhurrie blurb we suggest you have a bit of a read. We just received a shipment of dhurries which included a few of our special fenton & fenton designer range. Here's a picture of the bloke weaving one:

And here is the finished product! It blows me away what these artisans can do!

The weaving takes place in small villages out in the desert, in quite exposed conditions (and in the middle of monsoon when it's 45 degrees and humid believe me you don't want to be squatting under a piece of galvanised iron for too long).

So this is where your dhurrie, should you decide to invest in one, starts its life. Like a pair of jeans or a fine wine, they will soften and gain character with age - as any quality rug should. My hat is off to these gentlemen, as I keep throwing them more and more challenging designs they continue to amaze me with their ability to make my vision a reality.

Emma Gale

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We are uber excited and honoured to be able to present the work of Emma Gale at fenton&fenton. We are always on the lookout for artwork that suits our style and looks at home in the store and with Emma's work we're certain we've achieved that.

Her style is bold and adventurous and is themed towards figures whose creativity extended beyond the bounds of their personal socio-cultural contexts.

It's selling faster than we can get it - these two stunning depictions of Frida Kahlo were in our window display for about five minutes before someone snapped them up.

More of Emma's works are on their way - for details and pricing please contact us at the store!

03 9533 2323