Introducing Stanislas Piechaczek

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We are thrilled to introduce and welcome a new artist to the
Fenton & Fenton family, Stan Piechaczek. French born, Stan is new to the Australian art scene.
We are loving his colourful, abstract works, inspired by all that surrounds him.

Stanislas is a French born painter currently residing in Australia. He creates colourful abstract worlds occupied by objects and characters. His work is created by a complex depth of layers of acrylic and pastel.

Stan continues to experiment with his art from which he draws much pleasure and his style evolves to reflect himself as he is inspired by all that surrounds him, his life and his journey. Stan has participated in numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and was recently selected as a finalist for the Clayton Utz Art Award.

We chatted to Stan to tell us a bit more about himself and share some of his vibrant photos of his daily life. 


Can you give me a short intro on yourself ?

I’m a French born painter currently living in the Whitsundays, Queensland. I grew up in the Centre region of France and then moved to Biarritz on South West coast. I came to Australia 4 years ago on a surfing trip with a bunch of mates. While travelling through Noosa I met my Fiancé and decided to make Australia my home. 

Describe your art and why you became an artist?

I paint colourful worlds complete with distorted objects and characters. I love playing with my thoughts and bringing them to life using paint. I have always loved experimenting with art and have been exposed to creative environments from a young age, as my mum is also an artist.

What is your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me and my paintings are the projections of my feelings. I am also inspired a lot by musical artists. Their rhythms, lyrics and visual performances often inspire my choice of colours and the composition of my paintings.

Name something you love and why?

I have always loved and will always love the ocean. It brings me an incredible feeling. It's such a powerful energy and I can never be far from it for too long.

What makes you happy?


Learn more about Stan via his website and
follow his vibrant instagram account @stan_piechaczek


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