About fenton&fenton

Lucy Fenton established fenton&fenton inspired by her experiences backpacking around the globe. During her travels, Lucy was immersed in a wide variety of aesthetics which she brought home with her and reinterpreted through the filter of years surrounded by classical antiques and contemporary Australian style. Her adventures in the interiors’ space are an extension of her real world adventures, and the culmination of a rich and colourful journey through cultures home and abroad.

fenton&fenton offers a unique shopping experience and expresses a style that dares to mix and match objects, origins and eras. Here you will find an ever-increasing and eclectic collection of home wares and lifestyle products as Lucy is constantly searching for concepts and designs that exhibit the same adventurous spirit that drives her. From vintage to avant-garde, the furniture collection accords with vivid textiles, one-off curios, artwork and jewellery to create a highly sought after look.

Shop online using the swish new website or take a tour of the gorgeous show room on High Street, where one of the passionate and creative team can guide you through whatever interior dilemma you may be experiencing, or simply help you find the gift or item that you’ve been hunting for. Lucy has been busy extending the shop space to the upstairs, where you will now find Mr Fenton’s Rugs and to the charming courtyard at the rear where fenton&fenton outdoors is flourishing. Lucy has created an emporium filled to the brim with colour and texture, a haven for creativity where you are bound to find the object of your desire!

About Mr Fenton’s Rugs

No-one really knows where he came from, or what he was doing with the first 30 odd years of his life, but one thing is certain – Mr Fenton is now committed to the art of rug design.

He is rumoured to have dabbled in a wide array of studies and careers before stumbling into the profession that is seeing him leap from strength to strength. From science to the performing arts; politics to applied linguistics, he has left bodies of knowledge strewn behind him like so many corpses on a battlefield. However, it is in the ancient art of geometric design that Mr Fenton has found the corner of the universe where science and creativity meet.

He does not claim to have invented the zigzag, nor to have been the first to put straight lines of alternating colour parallel to each other but when he realised that the ultimate claim of science was that we live in a pixelated universe he knew that whether it be digital or analogue, geometric or floral – it was all good.

Mr Fenton cut his teeth bringing contemporary colour and design to the ancient art of humble dhurrie weaving. This allowed him to offer a product that was affordable, durable but still with a fenton&fenton twist. Now the adventure continues for Mr Fenton and for those of us in search of artwork to tread upon, as he branches into outdoor dhurries, hand knotted carpets in silk and wool and all manner of other totally fab floor coverings.

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