Muse by Jai Vasicek


The official opening of Muse, an exhibition by Jai Vasicek took place on Saturday afternoon. The store was transformed into a symphony of colour, music, cocktails and the excited chatter of art enthusiasts.

While our eyes feasted on Jai's creations our taste buds were tantalised by 'The Daydreamer' cocktail - created exclusively byFour Pillars Gininspired by the Muse body of work.

We had so many requests for the recipe! You can have a go at recreating the delicious Daydreamer at home by following this recipe.

Cocktail ingredients:

30ml Rare dry gin
3ml absinthe
10ml lemon juice
5ml charred pineapple syrup
3 mint leaves
Capi Orange soda

Firstly you will start by preparing your pineapple syrup. Grill slices of pineapple until well caramelised on both sides. Pour some pre-made sugar syrup (equal parts in weight sugar to boiling water) over the top to cover and let sit until cool. Strain off the liquid and pass to remove any small particles.

Add all these ingredients except for Capi orange soda to a tall glass withlarge ice cubes. Top with the Capi orange soda (probably about 60ml depending on size of glass)finish by garnishing with amint sprig and slice of orange or pineapple if you wish.

We loved collaborating with Bronwyn from Bauwerk Colour to choose the perfect colour palette of lime paint for the walls which helped to bring the exhibition to life. The colours we used were Phlox, Medlar, Ibiza and they are available to purchase online through Bauwerk here.

Jai even painted a mural upstairs, have a look when you're next in store!

The talented team from Nikau Store flew down from Byron and installed the most amazing dried botanicals that complimented the palette so perfectly. The stand out was the incredible dried + pink gyp bomb floating in the courtyard and store window.

Above all, we would like to congratulate Jai on an exquisite exhibition. We are honoured to be able to continue to work with Jai, share his creative vision with you and to be part of the evolution of his aesthetic. His passion shines through each and every piece he creates.

The exhibition continues in store until April 12th, so if you're in Melbourne come by and check it out! There are still a few paintings, line drawings, feather portholes & crosses available online! View the MUSE exhibition online.

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