Peace of Art 2018

In 2017, School’s A Gift opened the doors to Segno Gebeya, a brand-new primary school in rural Ethiopia, providing accessible education to 331 children. Prior to this, lessons for these children took place under trees, in mud huts and in many cases, they were walking over 1.5 hours to reach the nearest school. Segno Gebeya offers improved classrooms, toilets and clean drinking water, as well as dedicated, qualified, local teachers.

The construction of Segno Gebeya was funded by the efforts of the Peace of Art 2016 Exhibition, hosted by Fenton & Fenton, a testament to the generosity of the Australian art community. However, none of it could have been achieved without the many helping hands of the surrounding community and local construction team.

Today, Segno Gebeya is a community supported school, offering education from kindergarten to grade four. So, what happens after grade four? These children now again face the 1.5 hour walk to access further education. Some go, however many don’t. Living in poverty, these children support their families with daily chores required to survive, so spending three hours walking, in addition to the hours spent at school, is often unsustainable. School’s A Gift has committed to building an additional four classrooms to allow children to complete grades five to eight at Segno Gebeya, with the support of the Peace of Art 2018 Exhibition.

A huge thank you to all the talented artists who generously donated their artworks, as well as those of you bidding. Fenton & Fenton is immensely proud to support this great cause that is creating a lifelong impact on hundreds of children.

Wed 14th Nov - Online bidding opens at 5pm /collections/peace-of-art-2018

Thurs 15th Nov - Exhibition opens in store at Fenton & Fenton

Thurs 15th Nov - Opening Night Drinks at Fenton & Fenton 6pm – 8pm

Thurs 22nd Nov - Last day to view the Exhibition in store

Thurs 22nd Nov - Online bidding closes at 10pm

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