Peace of Art 2018 wrap-up!

Fenton & Fenton were proud to present the third biennial Peace of Art exhibition this month.

Launching in 2014, Peace of Art 2018 showcased a diverse collection of works from renowned and emerging Australian artists will all the proceeds going to ‘School’s A Gift’ – an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is helping children living in poverty attend child-friendly schools in an underserved region of Ethiopia.

Founder of School’s A Gift, Georgina Fenton, was overwhelmed by the results of the charity auction this year, “To this date, the charity has managed to help over 5,000 children access primary or secondary education, with over half of them being girls. The proceeds from the last Peace of Art event in 2016 raised $125,000, which was used to rebuild three primary schools that were unsafe and turning children away. Now these children are in high quality classrooms with access to clean water and toilets; contributing to improved livelihoods and the empowerment of so many young people, particularly girls, who are usually the most disadvantaged.”

We were excited to have the opportunity to continue working with dedicated Australian artists for this great cause, including a number of our regular Fenton & Fenton contributors, as well as some newcomers to our stable.

Peace of Art was a true testament to the generosity of the Australian art community. With over 60 works donated from Australian artists. Raising an impressive $108K, Peace of Art 2018 exceeded all our expectations. School’s A Gift has committed to building an additional four classrooms to allow children to complete grades five to eight at Segno Gebeya, with the support of the donations.

AHUGE thank you to all the talented artists who generously donated their artworks, as well as those of who bid. Fenton & Fenton is immensely proud to support this great cause that is creating a lifelong impact on hundreds of children.

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