A Commitment To Getting Lost with Nunzio Miano

Emotions. They have the capacity to make us lose ourselves in thought, action, a physical space. We’re expected to – socially, at least – save revealing our deepest fears or sharing a self-realisation for therapy, but there’s something about allowing what’s beneath the surface to alchemise into more than a narrative or beaten conversation and into catharsis. Nunzio Miano believes that when his emotions author a work he is working through them, “Whenever I’m feeling a certain emotion, I will want to express it, so I paint. When something is going on in my life that I need to deal with, I paint. It wants to come out, so I let it. I find it meditative. There’s something going through me and by losing myself in the moment I can find answers and healing.”

The power of processing emotion through a brushstroke continues to inspire Nunzio’s work, with his latest solo exhibition delving into introspective themes of the past and emotive states of the present, “I’m a first-generation Australian with a very Italian upbringing; my family are Sicilian. Living the Italian life in suburban Melbourne had its challenges and I often felt isolated, so I started creating. I guess it’s why my work now has a strong correlation to the past but with a connection to the present.”

Introspect by Nunzio Miano exhibits at the Fenton & Fenton Gallery from the 21st to 31st of July, featuring 23 acrylic on canvas paintings that capture attention with a bold pronunciation of contrasting colours and an ode to memories both new and old.

“Boy with Imaginary Cape is a self-portrait and is based on an experience when I was around four years old and thought I could fly. I jumped off the kitchen bench and broke my nose! It’s a very early memory and it’s why the image is reflective of a child.

“Some of the works appear angsty, or sad or angry – there’s one called Self-portrait with a Heavy Mind and it’s a reflection of what’s going on in the world. I hope that whether my work taps into a collective experience, or a personal one, people will connect with it because it reflects emotion.

“This body of work is about looking within. Whether you are appreciating it or creating it, art helps you take a step back – it’s a quiet moment to lose yourself.”

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'Introspect' By Nunzio Miano

Nunzio Miano - Dawn Service Nunzio Miano - Dawn Service
Nunzio Miano - Dawn Service

$ 3,600.00

Nunzio Miano - King Of New Truths Nunzio Miano - King Of New Truths
Nunzio Miano - King Of New Truths

$ 5,200.00

Nunzio Miano - The Crying Game Nunzio Miano - The Crying Game
Nunzio Miano - The Crying Game

$ 3,600.00