Liberation of Conscious with Michael Bond

At the turn of the twentieth century psychoanalysts – particularly Freud and Jung – believed that dreams are a window into the unconscious. They recycle and re-sculpt the stuff of our own thoughts that are linked to a feeling, a mood, a memory, and give us access to a hidden part of ourselves. Michael Bond takes this notion and extends it to one’s personal interpretation of art, “I’ve found that people view my work so differently to what I see. Some people see explosions. Some see moodiness, or darkness or land and time-scapes, and it fascinates me. When people see their own experiences in my art it makes me think of dreaming– about not being constrained.”

Michael Bond’s 'The Dreamer' exhibits at the Fenton & Fenton showroom from 26th of May until the 5th of June. The work explores the subconscious, the night, and the kind of dreams we have when we’re awake too, “When you dream you can go anywhere. It’s the feeling I wanted to portray in this work.”

“I don’t hold people to see what I see. I suppose there’s a literal element where people can sense freedom through my creative expression but that’s just the surface and the freedom to create whatever reality you want when you dream is the essence.”

Michael believes that whether dreams happen when we’re wide awake, taking us to a place of hopes and fantasies, or when we’re asleep and falling into the wild unconscious, at the heart of it we are unbound, and the experience is personal.

Discover 'The Dreamer' by Michael Bond 

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