Sofa Selections

Arguably, one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house – the sofa!

Choosing the right sofa helps create spaces to relax, read, cuddle, laze, chat and connect. From making a style statement to defining a zone, a sofa is a home’s best friend. Whether you are looking to create a family space to sprawl, a cosy nook to relax or a space to bring friends together; the perfect sofa can transform your space in a flash.

From our experience working with our clients, we know that choosing the right size, design, fabric and colour can be a tad daunting. Read on for tips and inspiration that tackle some of the questions we so often get asked. 

1. Go big in small rooms
A small sofa in a small room can make a room appear even smaller. So, don’t be afraid to pop a larger sofa in a small room, as it almost always makes it feel bigger. You don’t want it so large that you can’t move about, but do go for the biggest sofa the room can accommodate. 

2. Create zones in larger rooms
Several sofas and pieces in a larger room help liven up the space, creating little pockets and bringing warmth and togetherness. If the space allows, sofa’s placed face-to-face (with an ottoman or coffee table and a rug in between) get the Fenton & Fenton tick for creating spaces for people to chat.

3. A rug beneath
Neutral furniture in shades of tan, grey, white and black are forever popular, and almost always bought to life with colour and pattern underneath. At Fenton & Fenton rugs are our room heroes. They can refresh and add wow to a space immediately without doing anything else. And, they help create zones within the spaces they sit. 

4. Choose a solid frame
As much as we are about aesthetics at F&F, we also believe in quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. The better quality the frame, the longer the sofa will last, so if you are after that forever piece, choose hardwood timbers with steel sprung and rail support every time. This is the structure behind our fave locally designed and manufactured sofa, The Matilda

6. Sumptuous comfort
Sofa’s are made for kicking your shoes off and relaxing, so comfort is king. Think luxury wrapped cushions, feather / fibre back support and duck feather scatter cushions for that dreamy spot you won’t want to leave. It’s like buying a bed, sit in it to make sure you love the feel before choosing your finishes. You’ll always find a Matilda Sofa on our floor to test things out. 

6. Linen or leather?
Linen or leather? Wool or boucle? Denim or Washed Cotton? Firstly, it’s got to fit with the needs of your family. A finish with a bit of texture is often best suited to families with young children as they are more forgiving with wear and tear. Keep things classic with a herringbone wool to create a mid-century vibe, elevate the everyday with velvet in deep or vibrant shades or create that relaxed beach-side vibe with linen or denim in sultry shades.

7. Mix to the max
At Fenton & Fenton we’re not about playing it safe. Bold patterns, vibrant colours and rich textures are what takes a room to the next level. Colour, pattern and texture are integral to the Fenton & Fenton look and we love creating layers in spaces for extra oomph. We’ll often choose a timeless base and then accessorise with absolute abandon. Think patterned rugs, textured cushions, eclectic patterns and side tables and accessories that add quirk and personality.

8.The Matilda Sofa - Our Pick
Our Melbourne designed and custom-made Matilda is now available to personalise in various sizes and fabric options. Think velvet, linen, leather, wool or boucle. Available in almost any size and finish, from single armchairs, through to a 3.5 seater with chaise, we will happily tailor the right sofa for your space.

9. Need more help?
Our in-house stylists are here to help you make the right choice and can guide you through the selection process, from getting the size, fabric and finish right through to accessorising your room to take it to the next level. Pop in to the store to have a friendly chat or make an appointment for a home consult today.


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