Curate A Wild & Wonderful Urban Jungle

Jenna Holmes is the founder and creative director of Plant Mama - a design studio residing in Collingwood, that specialises in curating wild and wonderful jungles, both indoor and outdoor. Jenna shares with us her advice for aspiring green thumbs on turning your home into a residential jungle. 

1. Plants don't need to just be on the floor, it can really open up a space by adding green to the walls or in the form of hanging plants. It works especially best in small spaces where floor space needs to utilised for other purposes.

2. Mix different sized pots together in clusters. The layering of the different heights and widths is a great way to form an impact jungle. I always find that  plants together look better.

3. Propagation vases are another way to add a point of difference to your space, and a great way to grow more plants. You can use empty beer or wine bottles, jars or even locate some cute second-hand glass vase vessels. Chop your existing plants under the node, and place in water - so simple!

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