How to Dress Your Christmas Table with Lucy Fenton

Christmas Day lunch doesn’t need to be all green, red and tinsel. At Fenton & Fenton webelieve Christmas should speak to your unique style, so here’s a few tips from Lucy Fenton on setting thescene with a table that impresses and inspires.

What is your favourite style of Christmas tablescaping and why?

I love colourful, fun and relaxed tables – nothing too Christmassy or contrived. The table sets the mood of the day, you feast with your eyes before your belly!It’s important it looks inviting but not too staged, you want your guests to feel at home. I generally steer clear of traditional Christmas colours & decorations, I prefer bright playful glassware, contrasting napkins, placemats and cute bon-bons are always a bit of fun!

How does your personal style impact your settings?

Your personal style unconsciously impacts every decision, from setting the table, choosing the flowers and menu, even your outfit for the day. I naturally lean towards colour so Christmas always reflects this… no ‘beige on beige’ at our place! I love moving around and chatting to everyone so also no set seating.

Is it the same every year?

I always mix it up, but that doesn’t mean you need to go and buy everything from scratch every year… you can just change the placemats, or the napkins and use different florals to easily create a very different look. Buy things you will use all year round and incorporate them into your table – a beautiful tray or bowl, candlesticks, glassware. No one wants a one-use wonder.

What are the steps for creating a beautiful table top?

I like to think about a colour palette, don’t be too matchy-matchy but have an idea what will be more prominent - this can help get you started. Start from the bottom up, placemats, cutlery, napkins and glassware, then add some festive cheer to the centre… don’t overdo it – you still need room for all the delicious food. Always include some greenery, or florals – but this could just be something picked from your garden, nothing beats something home grown.

Does your table’s aesthetic run throughout the rest of the house?

I always have some flowers around the house and a beautiful wreath on the door to greet guests, it’s also a nice little reminder that Christmas day is looming in the crazy weeks leading up to the big day!

What is the biggest mistake/faux pas people make when styling the table?

Overthinking it and going overboard in my opinion. It’s not necessary and may actually make guests feel uptight. Have fun and get festive but try and be unique and creative! Also, don’t do anything too tall or obtrusive in the centre of the table, Christmas is for catching up with family and friends so it’s nice to be able to see them across the table!

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