Our No Fail Advice To Make Any Room Look Good

At fenton&fenton we believe that a home should be filled with pieces you love - the artwork, the furniture and the pieces you collect over the years speak volumes about your personality, your family, your style, and your life. In line with this, we're not too hard and fast about decorating rules. In fact, we quite like breaking the rules. But, one thing we like to stay true to is to mix things up, from styles, to colours, to patterns and pieces.

So, here's our go-to tips to help others make the most of their space. Consider this a guide for developing a home that is uniquely yours.

Tip 1: Pick the paint colour last!

Too often, our customers want to paint the walls before they move in or start decorating. We like to go against this and recommend choosing a palette around the foundation pieces that will fill your room. You want to find colours that compliment your upholstery, your rug, your artwork and whatever else. So, buy pieces you love and then pick a colour to finish the room and create the ambience you are after.

Tip 2: Avoid the 'showroom' look

Conventional layouts and settings aren't always the answer. Bringing furniture in from the walls, placing a quirky piece in an unconventional setting or mixing up styles and textures (think old and new) add interest and perspective to a home. To check if your arrangement really works, take a photo of it. Any mistakes are generally far more obvious when captured on camera. Not sure, bring your photo in next time you visit and our decorating team will happily share their advice.

Tip 3: Know how to style a rug

From making a style statement to defining a zone, rugs are a decorator's best friend. Whether you are looking to add personality, colour, texture or warmth to a room; a rug is key to anchoring or defining a space and can transform a room in a flash. One of the biggest mistakes we consistently see in other people's homes are poorly sized or placed rugs. These quick tips tackle the most common questions we get asked:

→ Bigger is almost always best

→ Place the feet of the furniture on the rug

→ A round rug works wonders in softening spaces

→ A square or rectangular rug anchors or defines a space

→ Bright colours sing in entry areas and spaces with little furniture

→Colour, pattern and texture all have a role to play

Still unsure what will work in your home? Our in-house stylists are here to help you make the right choice and can guide you through the decision making process. Find out more here.

Tip 4: Follow your eye

Allow your eye to wander naturally over an entrance, a room or space. Your gaze can be drawn between the objects closest to you and those in the background. When planning our spaces and other people's homes, we like to work around natural perspectives. Start with what people see first, then follow the journey of connecting rooms and passageways to introduce the right visual cues. Artwork and lighting are two of our favourite pieces when playing with perspective.

Tip 5: Quirky combinations work

It's no secret that we like to mix to the max at fenton & fenton. At the heart of what we do is to inspire people to live expressively and create homes that they love. From eye-catching pieces to statement artwork, mixing things up is key to creating a look that's truly yours.

A diversity of styles, fabrics, patterns and materials get our tick of approval. Mix new with old, cheap & cheerful with luxury, brights with neutrals, masculine with feminine, curves with hard lines, and warm with cold. It's the layering of a space that will add depth and interest.

Tip 6: Choose a room hero

Every room needs at least one hero piece. Something that will make a statement and create a focal point. This can be a view, an artwork, an architectural feature, a fireplace, a rug, a mirror, a surface, a fabulous plant or a statement piece of furniture. It's always easiest to start with a focal point and then layer the space around this.

Tip 7: Play around with scale

Scale refers to the visual size of how furniture and décor look alongside each other and how they fill or shape a space. Rooms need a combination of big things, little things, tall things and short things. They also need a bit of breathing space. If everything is matching in size or too cluttered, nothing will stand out. Tension and drama create magic in a room, and nothing creates a bit of room tension better than playing with scale.

Tip 8: Create walls of wonder

The works of art on the walls of your home are generally the first thing anyone sees when they enter your room and speak volumes about your personality. It's by far one of the easiest and most powerful ways to transform a space.

We recommend that you buy pieces that you love over time and then hang them high, hang them low, place them on mantels, in bathrooms, and kitchens, against bookshelves, pretty much anywhere. Offbeat combinations and different styles are made to go together.

Lucy Fenton's number one piece of advice for buying art is simply to 'buy art that you love'. Don't overthink where to hang it and never be afraid to go over-sized. For more of Lucy's tips on Buying Art for your Home,click here.

Tip 9: Light up your home

Lighting is an essential element in your home, both functionally and aesthetically. Not only does it brighten and set the mood of a space, it also adds interest and dimension, helping to create a sense of space and make your home more liveable. Whether you are looking to lighten up a little nook or add an ambient glow to your entertaining zone, we have options and tips for every room in your home.

Distribute a variety of lighting sources throughout your space

The answer isn't always a single pendant and we're big on taking things off centre

Blow things out of proportion

Use mismatched pairs of table lamps in bedrooms, especially if your bedside tables are matching.

Read more lighting tips here

Tip 10: Make it yours

Personality is what takes a space to great. And, whilst having some guidelines to get you started helps, our number one tip is to go with things that are personal and make you smile.

Need help with a home or room refresh?

We'd love to help. We now offer in-store and in-home styling consults, offering you a guiding hand in decorating a room to an entire house.

Learn more and book a styling consult here

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