Refresh Your Home

We are always looking for new ways to revamp our homes without all the fuss. Here’s a few tips on how to hit refresh for the new season.

Introduce fresh new hues to the bedroom

This Autumn, we are inspired by feminine shades of pink and coral for bedroom, mix these with some contrasting tones for a statement. Otherwise embrace the tonal look, using similar or complimentary lighter hues to perfect that Autumn vibe. This is easily achieved through introducing new bed linen or a cotton rug.

Curate your cushions

The perfect pick-me-up for the lounge room or bedroom, the rich textures and bold patterns of a cushion will add depth and instantly refresh your space.

Remember to break the rules, there’s no need to be too matchy-matchy with your cushion selection, as long there is a common theme that strings together the space.

Décor switch up

There’s nothing like a décor swap between spaces to give new life to a room. Artwork is such a powerful way to transform a space, try reshuffling artwork placement between rooms to give your walls new life.

Also, be sure to remember the small stuff, introduce newness by bringing in existing vases, throws and lighting to new spaces.

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