Refreshing your Kitchen with Bea Lambos

If I ran a poll on the most used rooms in your house right now, I’m sure the kitchen would come up as the ultimate winner.

The isolation fridge opening has been comforting yet stressful, all at the same time.

I’m asking you to forget the practical seriousness of this space and run with some beauty instead. We spend so much time here so why not surround yourself with things you love to look at!

My top tip for a kitchen refresh? Add art.
Open shelves are the perfect spot for these additions, but benchtops and small ends of cabinetry will also work. Use art on their own for impact or try mixing in with other accessories like books or vases.

Colour tips you ask? Just remember matchy matchy is so 1990’s, so let’s think interesting and eye-catching instead. Art in your kitchen will definitely scream #seriousartcollectorliveshere.

If art is not your thing but you still want to create a swift impact, my advice to you is to go green. Plants will always add freshness and life to a typically hard and lifeless room. Edible plants like herbs will be a bonus and could also be added to your favourite dishes. Major kitchen win right there! We love using pots in a group - think the same material and shape, like Fenton’s much loved terrazzo - but mix it up with different sizes to create some interest.

Lighting is probably the major necessity in the kitchen. Task lighting is functional but there are definitely more ways to have fun with lighting and create that all important mood. Why not try adding a gorgeous pendant or two. I love Fenton and Fenton’s Calo pendants over island benches – handmade in Spain, these are super beautiful and will add an instant eye- catching feature to your kitchen.

Don’t forget bench top lighting too, like my fave, the super cute Polyp lamp. When the jobs are over at the end of the day, this will create a new moody spot in your kitchen for sitting, sipping and enjoying the view.

And as outside life starts to find some normal and the time at home becomes a little less constant, the breakfast nook could be a fabulous addition to your refreshed space. Think the drop zone or the comfy spot for a cup of tea, a quick lunch or a late night snack. Comfort is key, so add one of my favourites - the Fenton leather bar stool. Freshly picked garden blooms, sprigs of green on the bench or that new stack of books that look as pretty as they read; will make this spot your daily go to.

Above all, remember that a kitchen refresh gives you something new to rest your eyes on, shows off your sense of style and adds that much needed change up!

X Bea

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