Styled to Sell

We were recently lucky enough to work with Luke & Aphrodite of L+A Projects to furnish and style an immaculately transformed Edwardian residence in Elsternwick, to ready it for sale. This sophisticated home has been designed by Pleysier Perkins Architects and delivered by L+A Projects, so for us, it really was a dream project and team to help complete their vision. 

Introducing L+A Projects: L+A Projects aim to produce homes that offer the real estate market a sense of newness. What they enjoy is developing sophisticated spaces that elevate home-life. Luke and Aphrodite are not another renovation duo ‘flipping’ homes, nor do they believe in following fast trends; which aligns seamlessly with the f&f values. 

Each project is carefully selected based on position and scope. The next step is creating the real potential. They collaborate with a handful of leading Melbourne architects and each project lends itself to a different set of eyes and experience. Their collaborations with their architects is tight throughout the design phase until the design is lock tight. 

Their latest project in Shoobra Road, Elsternwick is a wonderfully planned home that resonates from the moment you walk in. It naturally guides you through each zone and opens up seamlessly, resulting in a home that is ready to be lived in. 

Below, hear what Aphrodite had to say about working with F&F to furnish and style this home to sell. 

1. How did you come to choose f&f to style your home to sell? 

I had bookmarked F&F some time ago. Having worked as a merchandise buyer in fashion & homeware I was aware of F&F. As the project drew closer to the finish our agent had forwarded Lucy Fenton's details onto Luke. Without me knowing Luke made the initial call, whilst at the same time the idea of working with Fenton and Fenton was in my back pocket. It was refreshing and wonderful having Luke talk to me passionately about styling the property and hearing his take on how things should/could look. How times have changed! 

2. How did you find working with the f&f team to ready your home to sell?

I felt Lucy and I were on the same page from day one. Once I confirmed the job we worked fast discussing the entire look and feel. The hero pieces, rug selection, colour palette was first up. It was a fun collaboration and we spoke freely about the direction and personality of Shoobra Road. The remainder of the home grew from there. 

3. What do you love most about the end result? 

Shoobra Road is a stunning & well designed home, yet I credit Lucy for bringing her to life. As you walk through it really resonates a positive sense of home-life. Lucy has a deep understanding of her product and has a trained eye for detail. She injected heart, warmth and personality. 

4. Is there anything you learned along the way? 

I respect the creative process and I have learned to give another creative ‘space to create’. It sounds simple, yet when you have nurtured a project from the ground up practising a level of separation can be a little difficult. 

5. How would you sum up the experience of working with f&f? 

After seeing the home I sent a text to Lucy ultimately thanking her. Nothing had to be revisited and each room was finished with a great deal of detail & thought. Lucy really delivered and is a ‘true gem’ in an arena that has a lot of noise.


Styling by Fenton & Fenton | Photography by Eve Wilson 

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