At Home with Lynda Newton

A harmonious merging of old with new, Fenton & Fenton’s Interior Stylist Lynda Newton’s Prahran home is a unique space that embodies continuity and flow.

With a very clever renovation, an impeccable eye for style and a long-term passion for interiors, Lynda created a very sophisticated, yet practical family home. 

Lynda takes us through the ins and outs of her inner-city home and shares a few tips and tricks on a beautifully styled home.

When did you purchase your home?

We purchased the house in April 2016. 

If you could just pick one favourite element of your home what would it be?

I would have to say the open fireplace and the tall built in woodbox, always displayed full of wood. 

Clockwise from left. Left image: U-Bahn Carriage Print by Dave KuleszaDebbie Weinmann Waved Vase in White, Grant Featherston Chair Vintage Numero 8 Armchair, Zulta Cushion in Multi Empire Triangle, Petrified Wood Stump Stool. Right image: Distant Shore by Arite Kannavos, Traversing Through by Arite Kannavos, X Frame Coffee Table MarbleDebbie Weinmann Cumpled Pot in CeladonDebbie Weinmann Waved Vase in White, Regenbogen Bowl, Petrified Wood Drum Stool.

Clockwise from left. Left image: Vynka Hallam Artwork, Wild Agate Tray, Mustard Blossom and Bloom by Lauren Jones. Right image: Dwelling in Dreams by Denise Hojdyssek, What Next by Denise Hojdyssek, Debbie Weinmann Cumpled Pot in Celadon, Debbie Weinmann Waved Vase in White, Flat Leather Bar Stool

What inspired the aesthetic for the interiors?

My aesthetic is based around my love for sourcing and re-upholstering vintage and other furniture pieces. Knowing we had a lot of large glass windows, I wanted to connect the outside with the inside and take advantage of the natural light that fills the space. Collected pieces of art were important to incorporate throughout our home to compliment the contemporary style. I wanted the environment to feel homely and inviting to entertain friends and family.

What is your favourite piece in your home?

The Christopher Boots Oracle Triplet light in the sitting room. This piece was purchased in 2016 during the Prism exhibition at Fenton & Fenton featuring some of Christopher’s lighting. It hangs in a void ceiling in our sitting room and features in the space like a piece of art, creating a point of focus. It looks just as incredible during the day as during the night.

Left to right: Dwelling in Dreams by Denise HojdyssekWhat Next by Denise HojdyssekDebbie Weinmann Waved Vase in WhiteFlat Leather Bar StoolDebbie Weinmann Cumpled Pot in Celadon, Llewellyn Skye Artwork, Leather Strapping Dining Chair

Clockwise from left. Left image: Pat and Percy by Vynka Hallam, Pascale's Prawns by Vynka HallamLeather Strapping Dining Chair. Right image: Breeze Chair, Malibu Dining Table.

Are there any pieces you want to add to your home?

More artwork and always on the hunt for vintage armchairs and homewares.

What were the biggest challenges in the renovation?

Fortunately, it was smooth sailing with this renovation. As we project managed, co-ordinating trades to avoid hold ups was possibly the only challenge. The house was built in 2000. We gutted all of the internal spaces, which then gave us a blank canvas to work with. Our home had a lot of architectural angles and the brief was to try to not accentuate these and to square up wherever we possibly could. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when working with clients? 

The first step is always getting to know my clients, finding out what is important to them, how they like to live, and what makes a house a home for them. “At home consultations" gives me the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the client and their space.  From photographing rooms and taking measurements of spaces, discussing likes and dislikes of colour and ascertaining their rooms of priority.

Left to right: Left image: Bedouin Societe Linen Duvet Cover, Bedouin Societe Pearl Wool Throw, Grant Featherston Chair Vintage Numbero 8 Armchair, Zulta Cushion in Tan Tribal. Right image: Bone Inlay Large Bedside Geometric, Bedouin Societe Linen Pillow Case Pair, Bedouin Societe Linen Fitted Sheet, Bedouin Societe Linen Flat Sheet, Bedouin Societe Linen Duvet Cover

Clockwise from left. Left image: Petrified Wood Stump Stool. Right image: High Alert by Nunzio Miano, Public Servant No.4 by Nunzio Miano, Willow Rattan Bedhead, Zulta CushionBedouin Societe Linen Pillow Case Pair, Bedouin Societe Linen Fitted SheetBedouin Societe Linen Flat SheetBedouin Societe Linen Duvet Cover, Bone Inlay 3-Drawer Bedside Geometric, Okina Table Lamp

Top three tips for beautifully styled home?

1/. Choose items that you love and that resonate with you and your style, not just pieces that are on trend. You want your purchases to stand the test of time as it represents you and your passions. Don’t be afraid of colour. Mix vintage with contemporary to create interest and warmth.

2/. Add texture and layers with soft furnishings. Spend time choosing your cushions, looking for relationship in colour, pattern and texture to really pull your look together. These are my go-to accessories for living rooms and bedrooms. 

3/. If you love a beautiful piece of art, work other things around it. Artwork is what helps define the personality of the homeowner and their space. Art is an investment that you can take with you if you move and can even grow in value over time. 

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Refreshing your home is easy with a little help from our design team. Find out more about our Interior Styling Service here.  


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