Meet the artist: Emma Gale

Emma Gale’s work celebrates a love for colour, shape and texture. Her work is layers and layers of paint, markings of good and bad mistakes are all part of the visual landscape of her canvas. She draws inspiration from the people of other cultures and their daily rituals and routines.

What inspired your latest artworks being showcased at the Spring Exhibition?

The works are a combination of still life and figures. The still life pieces are simple things like fruit and flowers, I often see in colours so that’s what inspires me also. if I see a colour I need to create that colour of paint.

I strive to place them in a simple layout, with the accent on colour shape and form.The images are a cultural narrative.It is a collaboration between the artist and a culture, one where I can take the viewer on a journey to far off places.

How has your work evolved over time?

Each andevery day you grow you change you make mistakes you keep them youdiscard them. My work has grown and simplified. I have become much more relaxed in my mark making and use of colour.

What inspires and motivates you to create everyday?

That’s all I know to do and that’s all I wish to do! To be in my creative space. I don’t need to be motivated, It’s part of who I am.

What is the creative process in producing one of your body of works?

Each painting is a journey, an idea can sit with me and then I start with the paint on canvas and each day work on them. My work is lots of layers built up to form a history on the canvas.

How do you spend your time when you’re not creating artworks?

With family, reading, outdoors, movies. Living in a rural part of the world means I have beautiful beach and lush bush to explore.

What artist, past or present, has inspired you?

I’m inspired by lots of things … colours, places and I guess inspired by lots of artists all from the past. I have a love of all things old - vintage, prehistoric anything with a history. I also look for simplicity.


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