In Conversation with Mark Rolton

With more than 25 years experience in creating exquisite residential gardens, it’s no surprise the owners of this heritage listed property in Malvern looked to Mark Rolton to bring their outdoor area to life. Mark takes us through his vision and process for the project, along with a few tips and tricks for retaining a Winter garden.

What was the vision for Horace Street Garden?

I designed the garden to compliment and enhance this beautiful heritage cottage. Entering through a central gate onto a sweeping crazy paving path, surrounded by buxus spheres and soft perennial planting. It’s important to layer planting for visual effect and this was achieved by using a variety of foliage and curved corten planter.

Can you tell us about the plants chosen?

What factors did you take into consideration? Many factors are taken into consideration not only the style of garden, but also aspect, soil condition and drainage. I like to use a mixture of formal and informal plants from Buxus and Gardenias to Dichondra, Salvias, Prunus and Camelias.

What are your top three tips for gardening in Winter?

- Check watering systems, try not to over water. I see a lot of water logged gardens during Winter

- Plant, prune and shape ready for Spring 

- Keep sowing Winter vegetables and flowers, there’s plenty to keep you busy during the colder months


Can you tell us a little bit about your most rewarding project to date?

After 25 years in the industry it would be hard to pick just one – there has been many highlights. I still love the process from concept to completion, meeting new clients and helping them create their dream garden.

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