In Conversation with Naturopath and Author Kelly Healey

Kelly Healey is a Melbourne-based naturopath and nutritionist. With a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition.

Kelly's philosophy is all about embracing natural foods and creating fresh, simple dishes that provide lasting satisfaction. Drawing on her nutritional knowledge, her first book, Eat for Life showcases the amazing ways in which nutritious ingredients can be used to create healthy versions of classic dishes.

What inspired you to write your new book ‘Eat for Life’?

I have always loved to cook. I really enjoy developing new recipes that allow for a balanced diet and improving health. I wanted to create a book that not only introduces new flavours from around the world, but also food that can be enjoyed and not cause weight gain. Food should be enjoyed without having to worry about calorie counting.

You’re a naturopath, what’s your go to recipe for Summer entertaining that’s healthy and delish?

I love to make healthy salads. They are quick and easy and if served buffet style everyone can enjoy totally different flavours. I adore prawns, so if in doubt I always do a prawn salad with Lots of fresh avocado and other yummy ingredients. Quick and simple yet delicious.

View Kelly’s Roasted Beetroot, Balsamic Walnuts, Fresh Fig and Goat’s Cheese Salad here

What are your top tips for entertaining at home this Summer?

Fresh is best. I always write a menu of what I’m cooking so I am prepared and don’t get flustered. I shop at the market or a local greengrocer on the day I’m entertaining. Fresh seafood or meat, then work out a few staple salads that are easy to prepare. I always add lots of fresh herbs to salad to give each salad a different flavour.

What’s the one recipe in this book that everyone must make?

The recipe I love that everyone seems to be loving is the Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Avocado and Poached Chicken. Its fresh, raw, easy to make and delicious.

For more recipes and inspiration follow Kelly @kellyhealeynaturopath and purchase her book Eat for Life book here.

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