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Artist Bio

Peter Ceredig-Evans

Peter Ceredig-Evans is a British born painter who moved to Australia where he now lives and works in Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

Peter's work explores emotive human response and interaction through expressive abstract paintings. Peter uses the landscape around him to draw inspiration from. Often working on large canvases, Peter captures a balance between chaos and order with soft yet mature palettes and are layered with texture and line. Working in oils, Peter captures a depth and richness that draws the viewer in and keeps them guessing in regards to the subject matter or underlying narrative that is suggested amidst the compositions of colour and shape.

Peter's success as an artist started in 2009 when gallery Bath Contemporary bought Peter's degree show and gave him representation. Since then, Peter has shown across the UK, Europe and LA with several UK based galleries including London Gallery West Contemporary.

Peter studied Fine Art Painting at Bath School of Art and Design before completing his Masters at Bristol.