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Artist Bio

Skye Jefferys

Skye Jefferys is a Melbourne born, Singapore-based artist. Working predominantly with large abstract paintings, her practice is concerned with limitations, whether real or imagined, and how we respond to these.

Each surface is completely covered with vibrant colour – pushing, dabbing, scribbling, sploshing strokes – deliberate and dynamic brushwork, layered, textured, intertwining and overlapping. At times the bold colours are discordant, others times they are harmonious, but she is always trying to create a conversation or a relationship between the colour and the form. 

Once complete, the compositions find their balance, yet remain unending. They are imbued with potential twists and turns, possibilities that might breathe beyond the works’ boundaries. 

Skye graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication in 2003 and embarked on a Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010. She has had two successful solo exhibitions in Canberra and Melbourne and been curated into group exhibitions including TDF Open House in 2013.

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