Alizon Gray

Alizon Gray’s abstract paintings are vivid illusory landscapes. The landscape emerges in her work as an imagined place, or the in-between space that links to memories of a place rather than recreating a particular environment she has encountered.

By building up layers of lines, squiggles, blobs, dots, shapes, and veils of paint in varying degrees of transparency Alizon hopes to create an artwork that cannot be understood in a simple glance.

The various marks aren’t representative of anything in particular. Rather, they are markers that point to a place or memory, acting as a vehicle that takes the viewer into an abstracted space of quietude and reflection.

Since graduating from the VCA in 2005 with BFA Honours, Alizon has exhibited regularly in numerous solo and group exhibitions in VIC, NSW, TAS, SA, and QLD. She has also been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, ANL Mission to Seafarers Prize, Musswellbrook Art Prize, and mCollection Award. Alizon has work in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.

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Alizon Gray - Light and Dark Alizon Gray - Light and Dark
Alizon Gray - Light and Dark

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Alizon Gray - Adrift Alizon Gray - Adrift
Alizon Gray - Adrift

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