Carly Williams

Carly Williams is an abstract artist living in the beautiful Central Victorian town of Daylesford. Her constantly evolving work reflects her obsession with all things raw, bold and beautiful.

Carly's paintings have been described as vivid and brash in colour and composition with a strong emphasis on rich texture and moody tones. She has been quoted as saying her influences lie with the edgy colour palettes of mid century artworks to the contrasting, tribal - sometimes bohemian - patterns of indigenous textile design from around the globe.

Carly began her creative career many moons ago whilst working in the Film Industry as a Set Painter. However, her passion for more creative personal art was screaming for her full attention.

After almost 10 years painting film sets, Carly took the plunge a few years ago and is now creating her bold, striking, expressive art as a successful professional artist.

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