Dan Bean

Dan’s interest in art began in his school days, observing graffiti-covered stations and tunnels from train windows. It evolved to a point where he had a memory bank of graffiti artists, whose skill he admired from afar.

Always a compulsive doodler, Dan has never been without a pen in hand, often scribbling away on any surface that was in front of him. His art has evolved from abstracts to a more figurative style, translating his urban observations in acrylic and oils onto canvas.

Dan’s depictions of his beloved inner-north locales, and their larrikin patrons, and every-day life in the suburbs, is laced with humour, Australiana, and a true fondness for his surrounds. His goal is to create a snapshot of urban life, that is both modern and harks back to the suburban Australia of his childhood in the 1980s and 1990s.

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