Darren White

In the last few years, I have become really aware and fascinated of the way humans interact with and impact nature, mostly among coastal fringes.

The development of these areas can sometimes be seen as a negative and at early exposure this can be the easiest interpretation. But, with time and frequent interactions, these feelings can turn to an appreciation of the many eras that these buildings span and represent.

My artworks often speak to these emotions, expressing my fascination of places throughout the world, where the ocean disperses its energy onto a city edge. I draw upon these memories of “place” and feelings of nostalgia to create works that hopefully brings a sense of calm to the observer.

What interests me most about memories is that details are stripped back when we recall something, and instead, we allow ourselves to be guided by the feelings we felt at a particular moment.

The tones and colours I use, draw inspiration from the idea that a “grey” architectural plane is actually also reflecting the colours, however subtle, from the surrounding environment.

When starting a painting, I allow the process to guide my mind and eventually I will know what memory I should be drawing from. It really is the love of the process that keeps me coming back and creates that feeling of needing to paint.

Art Prizes:
LALC Art Prize Winner, Best Oil or Acrylic | Location: Caloundra Regional
Gallery | Artwork: Bait Fish | Paddington Art Prize Finalist | Location: Menzies Art Auctions | Artwork: Bar Croq Soleil | LALC Art Prize Finalist | Location: Caloundra Regional Gallery | Artwork: Whale Season

Solo Art Shows:
Show title: Big Road. Small Town | Location: Anala Art Advisory, Glenbrook | Show title: Drifting | Location: The Gallery, Oasis Arcade, Peregian Beach | Show title: Atlantique | Location: Strada Café, Le Marais, 75003 Paris | Show title: Running With Clouds | Location: Ugees, West End, Brisbane

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