Debbie Weinmann

Melbourne based ceramic artist, Debbie Weinmann creates pieces that speak of connections to modern lifestyles.

Having a special passion for clay she loves the feel, the messiness and the magic that can happen. Debbie compares working with clay as an ever evolving challenge like an open ended conversation never knowing from one time to the next where it can lead. It is a constant learning process and one which engages the creative mind. Already having a professional background in Occupational Therapy, Debbie went on to graduate from Holmesglen TAFE in 2014 with a Diploma in Ceramics.

Her inspiration is often the environment around her and day to day objects often looking at things and interpreting them in her mind what they could look like made from clay.

Her handmade pieces transition seamlessly between decorative and functional. She often uses distortion and alteration throughout her work inspired by parallels in life that everything doesn't always need to be perfect. Often working in series or groupings Debbie explores the relationships of forms when they are placed together, creating small families and a sense of belonging.

Debbie expresses a sense of grounding when working with clay and the pure enjoyment of creation using a natural material that has no limits. Clay is a constant reminder that things can’t be rushed or forced. It is a slow and soothing process and she refers to it as her form of meditation.

Constantly inspired through the process of play where often new ideas will emerge through the unknown and randomness. which leaves infinite possibilities to explore which can be satisfying, challenging and at times frustrating. She takes particular joy in knowing collectors find a unique place within their home for her works.

Debbie Weinmann has exhibited widely and hernworks have been recognised through various awards and held in residential and commercial collections in Australia.

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