Denise Hojdyssek

Denise is an abstract painter with modernist influences. She produces authentic artwork on wood panels and canvas in acrylic paint using a contemporary colour palette.

Her artistic process involves drawing from inspiration such as travel, the Australian landscape and her love for mid century interior design. Denise utilises skills from working as a creative practitioner for many years in the areas of styling and photography. She loves to discover textures from surfaces, shapes and colours that move her and will often take many photos to add to her visual journal for reference.

Later in the studio, time is spent freely drawing or working with collage as a way of loosening up and developing various abstract shapes that speak to her. Denise continues to refer to these images for inspiration. From the collages she makes, Denise will then draw up her design on to a canvas or wood panel. Her paintings involve a long process of building up painted surfaces with abstract shapes and transparent washes, then sanding them down. The process is repeated over and over again to create the texture and image She has visualised for the final artwork.

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