Giacomo Alessi

Giacomo Alessi in his workshop based in Caltagirone has restored the ancient dignity and renewed beauty to the art of ceramics.

From a magnificent tradition, prehistoric and Greek, medieval and Arabic, Aragonese and Renaissance, baroque and eighteenth century, enclosed in the Mediterranean, he has taken back wisdom, decorations, styles, abstractions, symbols, shapes of universal objects of use and the breath of history has become present.
Not in the artifact repetition, but in the unexpected alchemy of grace and expressive power that distinguishes the unicum.

Far from stereotypes or banal emphasis, Giacomo Alessi's ceramic art becomes functional and harmonious design in its chosen territory: the Mediterranean Sea and Sicily.

Giacomo Alessi ceramics are entirely handmade and decorated by hand. Each piece is unique and inimitable, the decorations are hand painted with precious enamels and fire annealed. Any small imperfections are the sign of our craftsmanship and therefore testify to the authenticity of the ceramic product. Every piece of the Giacomo Alessi Collections is fire-branded with our precious trademark bearing the signature of the Master and the legendary Owl.

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