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Introducing "Hinterland"
By Michael Bond

In his latest exhibition, Michael Bond explores what is
beyond the visible or known.

Inspired by the flora that is unique to Australian landscapes, "Hinterland" is an emotional interpretation of the artist's
memories of the unique flora found in and around Australia.

The collection of evocative artwork is a representation of Michael's thoughts and feelings, layers upon layers of considered marks and shapes paying tribute to the colour and beauty of the unique flora. A harmonious combination showcasing the seen and the unseen. Bond Work_1556842883549_1557880914315.jpg

About Michael Bond

Noosa based, abstract artist Michael Bond is a self-taught artist who is passionate about exploring new techniques and styles.

Michael embraces vibrant colours on both large and smaller scales. He focuses primarily on painting striking, bold art for the walls of real homes.

His journey of exploration drives him to constantly refine and develop his own unique ways of drawing the observer's attention to what lies beneath in a literal and metaphorical sense. This is achieved throughout glimpses into the abstract painting to discover the hidden layers of deeper meaning.