Isobel Rayson

Isobel Rayson works from a small studio in rural New South Wales, Australia. Her practice is diverse and driven by process-based methodologies. She predominantly creates abstract woodblock carvings based on recollections of her daily observations.

Isobel often draws inspiration from her rural landscape, discovering accidental and intentional marks and patterns found in her surroundings. These observations, abstracted through their size, simplified form and repetition, are carved into a painted woodblock using small hand gauges. The carved marks are textured and raw and highly contrast against the painted surface of the wood.

“My work is often about recording details of a particular moment in time as I attempt to capture my ephemeral presence and ultimately create a sense of belonging," says Isobel.

"By focussing my attention on micro details, I can escape into a simplified world of line, form and texture. I find the process of repetitive carving to be a meditative experience and I enjoy getting lost in this process of mark making.”

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