Liam Murphy Exhibition 2021.

Launching on the 18th of October 2020.

The long-awaited Michael Bond solo exhibition is coming this October. Presenting his largest body of work to date, Secret Garden has a distinct floral concept.

With both light and dark pieces, Michael represents how the same vista or subject can change dramatically depending on the time of day. From the crisp clear morning light, to the dusky shadows of late afternoon and into the still of the evening. 

The idea of a Secret Garden has always held intrigue to Michael, something that no one else knew about. A place to be by oneself and be free and available to be totally absorbed by the beauty that surrounds him.

Michael has spent these last few months in his Noosa studio creating something beautiful, with the intention of bringing joy in these unprecedented times. Murphy 1_1610583333602.jpg Murphy_2_1610583351179.jpg Murphy 1_1610583333602.jpg Murphy_2_1610583351179.jpg