Louise Kyriakou

Louise Kyriakou begun her career in the art industry after studying Graphic Design / Visual Communication at RMIT, and later Illustration at NMIT.

In the years since, she has kept busy in various jobs in the creative industry, but her main artistic focus was on illustration and painting. It has only been in the last few years that she has embraced the medium of clay and begun creating low relief art pieces that although sculptural, clearly incorporate the stylised characters and graphic shapes and forms that have long been a common thread in her two dimensional work.

Each piece she makes is unique, just as every individual in this world is, and although some decorative elements in her designs come more directly from specific sources, they are all of a celebration rather than a documentation of the beauty of the motifs and symbols of different cultures. Aside from her artistic practice, Louise works as an art teacher at her local Secondary College in the beautiful East Gippsland Lakes region.

Though she was born and bred in Melbourne, it was only a couple of years ago that Louise decided to make a move out of the city and head to the east coast. She is keeping busy riding the new wave of inspiration that a change of location, the fresh country air, and a whole lot of new faces, have brought to her world.

Louise has long had a fondness for the image and design of faces. She loves the instant connection we are able to make with an inanimate object when it’s given a personality and characterization, even if it is with a simplified and abstracted treatment. The inspirations for her ceramic face designs come from her love of design throughout history.

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Louise Kyriakou - Here and There Louise Kyriakou - Here and There
Louise Kyriakou - Here and There

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