Lucy Knox

Lucy Knox marries her love of adventure and travel, with the medium of acrylic, to create her kaleidoscopic view of the world as she experiences it.

Lucy takes you on an interpretive journey of landscapes and destinations throughout the world. Her style is twofold; pre-travel and post. Pre-travel is a dive into the imaginative vison of what destination could be, uninhibited by reality. Her post works are a recreation of lived experiences from her travels, bringing to life her kaleidoscopic interpretive view of the world.

Colour, etching and countless layers are truly representative of the journey she goes through to showcase the dream and recreate the vision of what she saw. Allowing you a window into her mind as if you are standing where she stood viewing the world through her eyes.

From uneven cobblestone streets of Old Town Kyoto, to the peak of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland - A soul that knows no bounds, her true calling is to create, explore and paint her story as she wanders our world.

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