Melanie Macilwain

Melanie is a self taught painter who is based and working from her studio in Geelong, Victoria.

As a child, Melanie was inspired by her immigrant grandparents who created and made extraordinary items everyday. From kitchen to garden, she watched them work in their creative outlets, "I would spend hours just watching my grandmother throwing sheets of thin strudel to stretch across the sky before lunch and in the afternoon I would be mesmerised by my grandfather carving patterns into his wooden furniture". She was surrounded by wood, cooking, sewing, drawing and painting and the importance of practising what you enjoy doing everyday became inherent.

It wasn't until finishing her studies in Environmental Management and Education, Melanie fell into primary art teaching. "Watching children's freedom and confidence to experiment often translates into my own artworks. Currently, I enjoy the simplicities of bold colours, largeness and the physical movements with a paintbrush".

Melanie is currently teaching and painting. She hopes to always learn and hold the excitement of creating and making.

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Melanie Macilwain - Portrait of a Snail #2 Melanie Macilwain - Portrait of a Snail #2
Melanie Macilwain - Portrait of a Snail #2

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