'Mystic Muses'

Arite Kannavos - Aylsa McHugh - Renee Broders

28 April - 8 May

Mystic Muses explores the theme of imagined muses through portraiture. The works take the viewer into a mystical world beyond that which we know and see in the everyday, aiming to inspire an emotional response from the audience.

The three artists Arite Kannavos, Aylsa McHugh and Renee Broders have each created a series of portraits in various media that deconstruct yet mystify the notion of traditional portraiture through the distinct perspective of each artist.

Discover ‘Mystic Muses’ online and at the Fenton & Fenton Gallery.

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You're Invited

Join us at the opening night of ‘Mystic Muses’ at the Fenton & Fenton Gallery at 489 High Street, Prahran .

Opening Night | Thursday 28 April, 6-8pm