Italian Rope Furniture

Designed by Wallter Sartore, this highly durable outdoor collection is made with high tenacity low shrinkage filament yarn and iron and aluminium frames. The collection won't fade if kept indoors, undercover outdoors the colour should last 5-7 years and under constant sunlight the colour is expected to last 2-4 years.

The ropes resist sunlight, saltness, chlorine, acid, sunscreen cream, abrasion, sweat and stains for many years. It is 100% resistance to mould and bacteria, and has excellent UV resistance ensuring the material will last for years to come.


Wash occasionally using a mild soap, lukewarm water, and a soft microfiber cloth. Do note use abrasive cleaners or materials to clean. To prevent overall soil, frequent light brushing with a soft bristle brush is recommended to remove dust.

Wipe and brush with the direction of the rope to increase effectiveness and reduce friction. Like all outdoor products, rope maintains a newer appearance for longer if protected from the elements.