Llewellyn Skye

Llewellyn Skye, known simply as Skye, is a dynamic, passionate and soulful visual artist, whose unique and expressive abstract paintings are captivating public and private collectors around the globe.

Drawing inspiration from nature, in particular florals, Skye seeks to explore the paradoxes of pleasure and pain, of infatuation and betrayal, of joy and despair and of love and loss. She endeavours to capture the tiny fleck of gold that marks the transition – that precious moment in time, however fleeting, of beauty and light, before the change occurs.

Born in Gosford on the NSW Central Coast and raised in Sydney, Skye’s love of painting and drawing became indelibly printed on her soul at a young age. After establishing herself in another career, Skye ran off to the National Art School in Sydney to undertake a BFA in Fine Arts, followed by a painting diploma at The Sydney Gallery School, where she was discovered by Lorraine Pilgrim and her stable. Moving to the Queensland Gold Coast and completing her young family of three children, Skye now paints full time in her studio in Palm Beach as well as raising her young family.

Working predominantly with oil paint, but also using acrylics and sprays, Skye is intrigued by paint as a medium: its tactile nature and expressive form, the shapes, colours and textures that manifest beneath her brush; the wonders that slowly, reveal themselves, as if by magic, and the myriad of stories that unfold. Drawn to abstraction because it enables her to tap fully into her imagination and into the unknown, with neither constraint nor conformity. Painting intuitively, moving her body freely and exploring her subconscious, Skye imbibes her works with a unique energy, depth and strong sense of place, space and time.

As well as nature, Skye also draws inspiration from music, poetry and lyrics, along with her own, very personal experiences of love, loss and grief. She is a truly versatile artist, frequently experimenting with mediums and styles and never afraid to push the boundaries of her imagination and creativity.

Skye is an accomplished artist whose work has been represented in over 50 exhibitions and 10 solo shows. She was received the BLA Award, was highly commended in the John Olsen drawing prize and was awarded a painting residency in Italy. She has undertaken a significant number of notable commissions, and her works can be found in a number of public and private collections in Australia and abroad.

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