FAQ's Styling Service

Is the styling service available Australia wide?
Yes, the online styling service is available Australia wide. However, the in-home option is only available to clients in the Melbourne metro area.

What should I expect from the Meet The Stylist stage?
The ‘Meet The Stylist’ stage will begin at your closest Fenton & Fenton store or via skype for the online styling service. This is where you will meet your stylist and have a tour around our products/collections. We will discuss your vision for your home and most importantly, develop an understanding for how the space will be used. You will have a questionnaire to fill out, either instore or online. The purpose of this, is for us to get to know you and gain a understanding of your interior design needs. Our stylist will give you our styling pack to take home, which will include a breakdown of the five stages, a welcome letter and a range book.

What should I expect from the Site Visit stage?
The ‘Site Visit’ stage will take place in your home, our stylist will arrange an appointment time with you. We will take photos and measurements of the spaces that you would like to have styled by Fenton & Fenton.

What should I expect from the Design Development stage?
The ‘Design Development’ stage is where you sit back and wait for the magic to happen. We will be behind the scenes developing your Fenton & Fenton dream interior. We will gather product ideas and samples, taking into consideration your needs, wants and budget. We will then present you with your tailored design concept. Your questionnaire will need to be completed and emailed back to your stylist so we can begin your design.

What should I expect from the Quotation stage?
At the ‘Quotation’ stage we arrange a time to invite you back instore or have an online skype call to present your newly styled interior concept, complete with a Fenton & Fenton designed mood board, product schedule and pricing. We will look at all options, colours and refine any items as you wish.

What should I expect from the Order & Delivery stage?
The ‘Order & Delivery’ stage is our final stage of the styling service. You have made your final decisions and are happy to proceed with our Fenton & Fenton suggestions. Some items will be in stock and others will need to be ordered in from overseas. We will advise you of delivery costs and estimated delivery times. Once orders arrive into our warehouse, our Customer Care team will be in touch with you to organise any outstanding balances and forward your orders to our logistics team to arrange delivery times.

I want that eclectic Fenton & Fenton look but don’t know how to achieve it, what are your recommendations?
We recommend mixing patterns and colours that all speak to each other. Always start with a trophy fabric or piece of art. You will then get the mix right by combining different pattern scales being small, medium or large.

How can I create a Fenton & Fenton look with colour, it concerns me that it could date?
Don’t always go with the colours that are on trend, use the shades or combinations of colours that strike a chord with you. It’s important to create the right mood for your space.

My house feels sparse, bare and unfinished, how do I make it feel more like a home?
We suggest displaying items that have real meaning to you. For example, a piece of furniture that has been passed down and perhaps reupholstered or personal collectables. All of which can be teamed with contemporary pieces from Fenton & Fenton. This will in turn create a more interesting feel to your home. We also recommend incorporating beautiful indoor plants into your space.

Is a stylist able to come to my house when all of the products are delivered to assist with the arrangement?
Yes, we can arrange for a stylist to be at your home to assist with the placement of your new Fenton & Fenton purchases.

Are you able to give me advice on the arrangement of my new Fenton & Fenton purchases as well as existing pieces already in my home?
Yes, your stylist can give you advice on where to place your new and existing pieces.