Vynka Hallam

I was raised in a very creative environment; my great grandmother was an artist and opera singer and my mother has always been a very creative person. So as a self-taught artist, I was always encouraged to follow my creative pursuits and began drawing in charcoal at a young age.

My work celebrates a quality which exaggerates colour and perspectives, intentionally exposing brush marks and paint drips to show signs of the hand made and contribute to the visual environment of my works. I also love to capture light and subjects from unusual perspectives, as I believe there is an honesty in the imperfect.

Originally from Perth, my husband and I have been performing volunteer work for the past 10 years in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Solomon Islands and the Philippines.

My subjects are a diverse fusion of my personal travels and experiences along with memories and encounters with the special individuals I met. I find moments that inspire me, endeavour to capture them and translate it into my art so my audience can experience it as well.

My artworks resonate with the insinuated natural beauty of experience and place, they also echo my affection and gratitude to the fundamentals of art in its entirety. My greatest joy is to see others connect and celebrate the little bit of satire and originality that I love to assemble in each piece. My hope is that my audience gains as much enjoyment from my completed works as I gain from the creative process.

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