Whitney Spicer

Moving to a countryside property in Manildra NSW
became the inspiration for contemporary still life artist Whitney Spicer. Her love of creative expression was reinvigorated in recent years and her country lifestyle offered the perfect backdrop with which to hone her skill.

Inspired by beauty in the everyday, her paintings reflect an innate love for interiors and design. Whitney creates the perfect setting for her still life series using cherished pieces from her home, that she photographs and emulates through her works. Painting with acrylic on canvas, Whitney layers colours to create texture and dimension throughout her pieces. Her paintings combine playful patterns, lifelike produce and simplistic backgrounds that hold a personality of their own.

While Whitney's passions were always intrinsically creative, her earlier occupation led her to pursue what felt like a more guaranteed career path.
Now spending time at home with her three children, she has returned to her passion of painting. While the content itself can be quite simplistic, each painting reflects a sense of happiness found in the small everyday things, which are often overlooked. From freshly picked wildflowers to sharing afternoon tea with her boys, each element of her works evoke a sense of joy which she hopes are felt by those whose walls they adorn.

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