Ali Wood
Keep It Like a Secret

$ 3,400.00

101 x 150cm
Oil on canvas

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Artist Bio

Former clothing designer and fine art graduate, Ali Wood is widely celebrated for her redolent Australian landscapes and floral still life works. 
She finds constant inspiration in the landscape surrounding her farm in Braidwood, in the Southern Tablelands and she captures this acutely in her evocative works.
Woods' fascination with floral still life originate with the desire to capture the fleeting beauty as the seasons wax and wane in her cold climate garden. Her work is a celebration of the sheer beauty and wonder in the natural environment but also a documentation of the ephemeral nature of life
With this new body of work Wood used graphic wood tiles as the ground for the works as a way of reinventing and reinterpreting this time-honoured tradition.

More Details

The Dutch and Flemish Masters of the Golden Age are the inspiration of this new body of work from Ali Wood. These spectral pieces stem from the cropped and magnified images of still lives from this period.
In adapting these masterworks, Ali employs her typical chromatic and gestural energy to portray luscious and life affirming imagery. 
These large-scale works maintain a baroque quality using opulent backgrounds and a luscious palette. Each piece is richly hued and textured with drips, runs and a juxtaposition of contrasting elements. The result is a sense of energy, movement and drama.

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