Jasmine Mansbridge - Never Never Land Scarf

$ 149.00

Introducing the limited edition Never Never Land Silk Scarf - a contemporary piece of wearable art featuring the original artwork by Jasmine Mansbridge.

'Never Never Land' has been digitally printed onto 100% silk, completed with hand-rolled hems and the artists signature.

Available in two sizes, this silk piece is the perfect for tying around the neck, hair or handbag.

"When doing this work I thought of the endless summers I had as a teen in Katherine, which is in the remote top end of Australia. (Northern Territory)," says Jasmine.
"I wanted to capture something of my full immersion in life at that time. Pre phone, car and internet, when connection felt raw and spontaneous, and loaded with both the beauties and the dangers of youth. The triangle portals I have used are introspective, drawing me back to that time and place. To a central, pivotal time in my life. The colours are that of the blue, blue skies and the clear fresh water springs, the dirt and scrub and the hues of native trees and flowers. All things dancing to a central theme. All things right at that very point in time. A place you never really want to leave, but time stands still for no one and too soon it’s time to go."

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