Jasmine Mansbridge - Pandora's Box Scarf

$ 149.00

Introducing the limited edition Pandora's Box Silk Scarf - a contemporary piece of wearable art featuring the original artwork by Jasmine Mansbridge.

'Pandora's Box' has been digitally printed onto 100% silk, completed with hand-rolled hems and the artists signature.

Available in two sizes, this silk piece is the perfect for tying around the neck, hair or handbag.

"I learnt recently that in Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first human woman, and so powerful was her femininity that it was believed she needed to be kept in a box," says Jasmine. 
This was the beginning in many ways, of women being viewed as unequal to men, and the beginning of the loss of many of their freedoms. In many societies prior to this, (Egypt for example), women had enjoyed equal status to men. So, this is my Pandora’s Box, a box with stairs, not a prison, more a throne. A women’s world with freedom and opportunities, equal to men. We are getting there slowly, my daughters live in a better world for women than ever before. We still have a way to go. But we must also celebrate our progress! Education, conversation, dialogue, standing up, speaking out, challenging norms, all ways to continue to break out of 'Pandora’s Box!' "

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