Jasmine Mansbridge - Cleopatra's Tears Ceramic Sculpture #3

$ 520.00

$ 650.00

Introducing Cleopatra’s Tears, a collection of one-off fine art ceramics by one of our collaborative artists, Jasmine Mansbridge.

The collection is an extension of the upcoming Art of Dining installation at the National Gallery of Victoria, on display from the 2nd & 3rd May, showcasing a group of spectacular tables designed by leaders in the creative industry. Fenton & Fenton have been invited to take part, featuring Jasmine's interpretation of the ‘Banquet of Cleopatra’ by Tiepolo. Tiepolo’s ‘Banquet of Cleopatra’ depicts the wager between Cleopatra and Marc Antony as to who can host the most extravagant feast.  Cleopatra takes off her pearl earring, drops it in a glass of vinegar and once the pearl dissolves, she swallows it, winning the wager.  

Taking inspiration from Tiepolo’s rich and luminous colours, each vessel is hand-painted with Jasmine's signature geometric style.

Please note, as an original artwork, we recommend displaying this piece in a dry and cool place to ensure the handprinted vessel retains it’s rich colour. 

More Details

Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: 24cm x 9.5cm (HxDiameter)

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