Diana Miller

$ 2,800.00

100 x 100cm
Acrylic on canvas
Oak float frame

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Artist Bio

Originally from South Africa, Diana Miller lives in the Byron Bay hinterland and works from her gallery studio space at the Newrybar Merchants in Newrybar, northern NSW, producing large expressive abstract paintings on canvas.
It goes without saying that nature is the universe’s masterpiece. A reminder for all humans to stop and bring awareness to what’s good in life. It sustains Diana in all ways and is a forever land of inspiration as she soaks it in and then creates her interpretations on canvas. Her connection with nature has been the sustaining force throughout her life and now, her work has become the protagonist for feelings of joy and peace for the viewer. It is her passion to be a part of the global collective of ‘emotion inciting artists’ who aim to instil a positive state of being within others through their work. For Diana, the conduit is her paintings.
Starting with still life subjects with an abstract feel, Diana’s paintings have continued to evolve with a focus on intuitive blends of colour and random markings. Her artworks are no longer analytically derived but rather intuitively and spontaneously evolved. They are manifested from emotion and life experience, and built from layers of paint that dance onto the canvas, creating and revealing shape, texture, detail and creating something of beauty. A form of meditation, the painting process takes Diana into a place of stillness and discovery as the work takes on it’s own personality. And that’s just the way she likes it to be – a spiritual practice of letting go and trusting. 

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