Casey Burrill - Reason

$ 3,120.00

$ 3,900.00

Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas
Framed in Raw Oak
150 x 100cm

Born into a family of talented musicians, it’s no surprise Casey Burrill discovered artistic expression from an early age. Living near the Geelong coast, the ocean provides inspiration for her vibrant, textural works. Casey’s playful use of colour seems to dance on the canvas with a sense of freedom and movement.

Casey’s new works capture the essence of what it means to gather your strength as a woman and step fully into your truth and self worth. These large scale, expressive and vibrant pieces reflect the alchemy that happens when you trust the intuitive voice inside you that knows.

"If you stop moving and doubting for long enough to hear your souls whisper, then have the fortitude to step away from what no longer serves you, an unfolding of magical proportions awaits."
Faye Larsen

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