Bone Inlay Floral Chair - Grey Floral

$ 760.00

$ 950.00

The time-honoured art of Bone Inlay was originally handcrafted for the royal palaces of Rajasthan, India. Handed down from generation to generation, intricate fragments of buffalo bones are hand-carved and then affixed onto the base in a mosaic-like design. Resin is then used to fill the space around the bone. Our Bone Inlay collection has been handcrafted from ethically sourced buffalo bones in India, making each piece unique in its disposition.

The Bone Inlay Floral Chair was part of the 2019 Art of Dining installation at the National Gallery of Victoria, showcasing a group of spectacular tables designed by leaders in the creative industry.

Taking inspiration from the rich and luminous colours of Tiepolo's ‘Banquet of Cleopatra’, each chair is upholstered with fabric designed by artist Jasmine Mansbridge.


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