Boy Smells Candle - Cedar Stack

$ 50.00

Log cabin living.

Cedarwood chips and dried tobacco are slightly smocked with bay leaf and crushed peppercorn to create a warm, woody smell. 

Cedar, Labdanum, Juniper Berry, Sawdust & White Musk are also present.

More Details

Boy Smells candles are a proprietary blend of coconut oil and beeswax; they are beautiful and rich burning.

Made in the Pico-Union District of Los Angeles, California these candles are poured into a glossy black glass vessel, and housed in a sleek millennial-pink package, the Boy Smells range is fun, delicious smelling and beautifully presented.  

55+ Hours Burn Time
Made In Los Angeles
Coconut and Beeswax Blend
9cm x 8cm