Luisa Salas
Simple Math

$ 950.00

Simple Math

63 x 83cm
Acrylic on 50% Cotton Fabriano Paper
Tasmanian Raw Oak Framed

A deep colour study of contrasts based Caribbean feels.
Straight lines playing balance with organic curves, visuals from past memories.

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Artist Bio

Meet artist Luisa Salas aka Hola Lou from Tulum, Mexico 
“Always curious for abstracts, my paintings and illustrations are based on bold concepts like contrasts and balance. The Caribbean inspires every piece, it has shaped the style of my most recent artworks and undoubtedly, my way of thinking. This place has taught me the concept of 'contrast' itself, being a highly-touristic destination, I've seen some of the craziest opposites out here. Although I plan on moving in the near future, I take with me a huge amount of extraordinary jungle experiences collected throughout the past 7 years."

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