Pebble Mushroom Stump in Clay

$ 360.00

$ 450.00

In Fenton & Fenton land, we never take our Woodrow Stumps for granted and we think that our new large Mushroom has rugged and sophisticated all rolled into one.

Bedroom, bathroom, living room, kids spaces, study – it’s such a versatile piece for your home!

More Details

38cm(dia) x 45cm(h)

Shipping & Delivery

To ensure your stump arrives safely, it is packaged in a wooden crate. You will require a Phillips head screwdriver to disassemble the crate, if this is unsuitable please call our customer care team to request sensitive freight at an additional cost.

Care & Maintenance

Please note, terrazzo is a composite material made up of sealed marble chips and fine aggregates cast into a concrete base. Each piece is hand-poured and therefore variations in colour and pattern may vary. Images displayed on our website are indicative only.